Clothing Labels Cut types

Labels Cuts for Woven Labels have different types of finishing:

Fuse Cut (Hot Cut) – A heated and pressure-based process used to cut into polyester based threads, where the threads curl back because of the applied heat, preventing the threads to fray.

Centerfold (Double Fold) – Woven or Printed label folded from the center, horizontally or vertically. Stitching performed on loose ends opposite of folded portion. * 0.8”(2cm) Minimum for woven labels.

Cut Fold (End Fold) – Woven labels folded on the left and right side of the label. Usual seam allowance starts from 1/8”(0.3cm). Stitching is performed on the inside of the inward fold.

Mitre Fold – Rectangular ends are beveled to be stitched on top of ends.

Manhattan Fold – Like a Centerfold Labels, but the top is also folded down creating a flap to tuck the bottom into the flap. Sometimes the sides of the woven label are heat-sealed to create a pocket for spare buttons; it is then sewn into the side seam.

Laser Cut – A precision cutting operation for woven labels

Ultrasonic Cut – A delicate cut used for woven labels, where the labels are cut using vibrations, rather than heated cutting (fuse-hot knife). The end result is a label with smooth and soft-cut edges. Can be used for one side only and not on all sides of the label.