Heat Transfer Labels

Heat Transfer Labels are also known as” Tag-Less Tags” are widely known for their innovative designs and creative use of sparking colours
Their main application include: Athletic Wear, Sporty T-shirts, Baby Clothes and other apparels

Iron on Clothing Label

The tagless garment is a big hit! To get that tagless effect all you need is an iron-on clothing label. These types of labels are great for a kid’s clothing label. The iron on the clothing label can be a great way to make your garments more comfortable.

The iron on the clothing label can make any garment more comfortable. If you have ever been stuck in the back by a label you know how important it is to have a label that enhances how your garments are worn.

Any successful manufacturer can tell you that one of the most important parts of their clothing line is the labels in their clothing. If your clothing is supposed to be comfortable then you want to make sure that your label is comfortable as well.

Iron On Name Label

The iron-on name label is one of the most simple innovative options out there for garments. It is such an easy way to update your garments without having to go back and redesign the line. These easy-to-use labels will update your clothing line and save you money.

Durable Choice

Clothing tags can be really bothersome and because they are bothersome some people cut them out or pull them off. No matter how durable the tag is if it comes loose and becomes a nuisance the end-user will pull the tag off.

Iron-on name label makes life a lot easier for your end-user. An iron-on clothing label is of course durable because it is built right into the garment. It never matters, it never winds up being cut out and it is always a comfortable fit.

Kids Clothing

Children seemingly suffer the most when they are wearing clothing that has a tag that is irritating their sensitive skin. An iron-on clothing label is an answer when it comes to children’s clothing. A kids clothing label that is an iron-on clothing label allows the child to wear their clothing more comfortably.

Children have to be able to focus on school and after-school fun but that can be difficult to deal with when your clothing is irritating your skin. Tags can scrape tender young skin. Your garments can be far more comfortable for the children that wear them by using iron-on clothing labels. It is a quick easy solution to making your garments more comfortable.


We can print up to 4 colours on each logo or design, upon request.

Method of Heat Transfer

We use film transfers, whereby the logo from the film is transferred to the material of the garment using a high heat press machine