Quality Personalised Woven Labels Singapore

Attracting Mass Market Fashion Targets through Proper Branding

Mass merchants of market fashion lure shoppers when these people step into shopping malls and boutiques. Mass products are very appealing aside because of its affordability and hoards of stocks. The items are not essentially known to be of high-quality fabrics but can reasonably last long. The mass retail stores meet shopper’s wants and needs for alternative clothing either for work, casual or fashionable party wear.

Mass production of clothing is yielding to fast fashion. Manufacturers are working fast to emulate what consumers see on the catwalk and be on time to come out with the latest fashion trends. This is where our business steps in.

Quality Clothes Labels for Mass Market Fashion

Unless personalised labels are used on mass-produced clothing, people have no way of recognizing which brands they belong to. In our business, we provide woven labels that are produced using broadloom weaving machines.

We understand the need to sell fashion, and that is why we strive to provide our clients with a variety of designs from which to choose, including:

  • Calendars
  • Pictures
  • Scenery
  • and many more

Affordable Custom Clothes Labels

Labels sell especially where clothing is concerned. At Pino Labels, we strive to provide affordable custom clothes labels Singapore that come in a variety of finishes such as:

The following types of labels are commonly used by tailors, clothing designers and large garment manufacturers who are currently using our quality materials. Our labels are customized to your needs, whatever your preferences may be. Additionally, we would be more than happy to consult you have inquiries. Our label material ranges from soft to silky, each with its own respective finishing cuts, such as:

  • Fuse Cut (Straight Cut)
  • Double Fold
  • Cut End Fold
  • Manhattan Fold
  • Mitre Fold
  • Laser Cut
  • Ultrasonic Cut

Understanding Mass Market Fashion

We at Pino Labels understand that mass-market fashion manufacturers target to make profits for apparels based on the volume of sales instead of high mark-ups or high tag price. We are aware that only the best personalised labels can draw mainstream consumers in, especially those who love to buy clothes from well-known brands.

Our woven labels Singapore are produced with great precision, using only premium materials. Our labels are ideal for mass-market fashion apparels, as they provide the right kind of branding minus the scratchy feel that’s common in haphazardly produced labels.

So if you want quality, affordable customized clothes labels for your business, make sure to contact us at Pino Labels.