Clothing Labels Design Guide

How to design your label?

  1. You need a design or a logo
  2. Use a computer, pen or pencil to draw the design.
  3. Decide on the background and font colours
  4. You must think where the label is going to be sewed on:
    • Back of the shirt
    • Sides of the shirt
    • Sides of the sleeve
    • Either Side of the pants
  5. Decide the size of the label width and length of it.
  6. What quailty finishing you want:
    • Taffeta Woven Label
    • Satin Woven Label
    • Damask Woven Label
    • Heat Transfer
    • Printer label
  7. Do you need ultrasonic cut for your taffeta, satin, damask woven label?
    • A delicate cut used for woven labels, where the labels are cut using vibrations, rather than heated cutting (fuse-hot knife). The end result is a label with smooth and soft-cut edges. Can be used for one side only and not on all sides of the label.

We will handle the rest!

Send us your design that you have created this can speed up the process at least 2 to 3 days for your order.