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Taffeta Labels are highly durable and use plain base polyester thread.

Cloth name labels, Singapore are a great option for a full range of products that need highly durable dependable labels. They are an excellent option for school clothes labels and care label options. They compliment clothing, goods and other items that require content information or care labeling.

They are also a great option for things like handbags, pillow cases, soft toys and other items that need a durable care label or information label.

Why Choose Cloth Name Labels Singapore

When you want to ensure quality every bit of the garment has to be quality including the content/care label. Quality means that every piece of the garment is well made including the label. When a consumer buys a garment or other item that is well made and that has the right type of label it makes for a happier client.

A good examples of why to choose the cloth name labels Singapore is for school clothes label. Children can be hard on clothing and they have to constantly be washed. You want to be able to hand down the clothing to other children in the family or to sell it but if the label is worn or tattered it can very difficult to do that. A quality label will hold up nicely wash after wash.

Of course durability is an important feature but you also want to be sure that it meets the other criteria as well.


Of course you should not have to pay a fortune for taffeta labels that are durable and reliable. You want a high quality label that will hold up great but that will not cost you a fortune. You want a reliable label that is virtually tatter proof but you do not want to have to feel the pinch of the additional costs.

You can find a high quality cloth name labels Singapore that will easily enhance the quality of your products without having to absorb the cost of the labels. Affordable options are available and they will increase the perception of your product being a quality product.

You do not have to pay out a lot to get a lot in return when it comes to choosing labels that are going to be long lasting and reliable. Durable labels that enhance both your production and sales. Being able to clearly label your clothing with a high quality label is an important detail that no manufacturer should miss out on.

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