Best Sewing Satin Size Label in Singapore

Satin Labels Make a Huge Difference in Raking in Sales

Merchandise, like fashion clothing, is highly suited for customization to cater for a wide range of customers. Local consumers or people who cannot afford expensive apparels are primarily targeted.

Clothes labels play an important role in mass-market fashion. These days, the fashion industry relies heavily on mass-market sales. Some designers are now seeing the practical significance of getting their products out to as many people as possible.

A survey conducted by Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor reported that in 2012, out of 10 consumers, a whopping 62%, or 6 consumers, buy apparel from mass merchants. About 60% buy from chain outlets, 43% from department stores, and 34% from off-price outlets.

The Role of Labels

Sewing labels found on clothes identify the brand, and this factors in when it comes to generating profits for a particular brand. Well-known brands like H&M, Zara, Top Shop, and more all rely on labels to get their brands out there.

A piece of clothing without a size label is least likely to sell over one with an identifiable label, and that’s why the production of labels should never be put aside. Even if you’re in over your head trying to figure out how to sell your mass-market clothing and apparel, you should never take your sewing labels for granted since these will carry your brand to the forefront.

Pino Labels Understand

At Pino Labels, we understand how a simple satin label could go a long way. Satin labels are among the most commonly used labels and are best known for their silky smooth feel and soft finishing. Sewing labels made of satin are usually perfect for baby clothes, seeing as the satin doesn’t cause discomfort to a baby’s sensitive skin.

However, inasmuch as a satin label looks elegant, it’s sometimes difficult to weave in small details and letterings into the label. We at Pino Labels take painstaking care that our satin labels are produced with sheer precision so that our client’s brands are promptly displayed without sacrificing the labels’ quality.

Our satin labels are available in a variety of colors and sizes, so you’ll have plenty to choose from. We will be more than glad to answer any inquiries you might have. We have a contact form on our website and our telephone number is likewise listed. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiries or concerns you might have.

Rest assured that at Pino Labels, your brand label’s quality is our concern.